About the Tournament

This is a draft tournament. There are two important Times: Draft day (12/26/21) starting at 12pm EST and Tournament day (12/26/21) at 2pm EST.
Sign ups are final, NO REFUNDS. Entry fee are $25/person from now Until 12/26/21. Format is double elimination. Prizing is winner take all, starting at $500 but scaled up based on the number of players and payscale is subject to change. See the Prize section for more information.

Draft Day 12/26/21 starting at 12pm EST

We will select the appropriate number of captains based on the total number of players. Captains will be selected based on a skills metric (placing in all previous torunaments). THERE IS NO CAPTAINS FFA, SEED AND PICK ORDER IS RANDOM. WE WILL BE HOLDING THE DRAFT STARTING AT 12pm EST.

We will use a random order for captains to select their players from the list. There is no trading or changing teams. The team you are drafted to is the team you play with. All captains must be present during the draft.


Each captain will pick one player from a pre-determined sub pool on the day of the draft. These will not be players from the draft pool.

Tournament Day 12/26/21 at 2pm EST

This is the date the tournament will be played. It is a Double Elmination tournament 4v4 using the HCS ruleset. Maps will be set and displayed on this page on 12/26/21 after the draft. Sign ups close on 12/26/21 at 7pm EST. All players must check into the tournament on our Discord no later then 12pm on the date of the tournament. Failure to check in will result in the disqualification of that player.

How to Sign Up

Things to Know before Signing Up

  • All participants must join our Discord.
    • You MUST be in the Discord to be part of the tournament. This is how players will be contacted, information shared, etc. If you are not in the Discord you will be disqualified.
  • If you sign up, it is expected you will be available for the captain's draft. Not being avaiable is no longer a get out of jail free card for not being a captain.
  • All participants must check in on our Discord the day of the tournament.
    • Check in closes 1hr before the start of the tournament. If you do not check in, you will be disqualified.
  • If the tournament starts there will be no refunds issued. No exceptions.
  • The prize is winner takes all. But is subject to change if prize pool rises.

How to Sign Up

  1. Go to the sign up url.
  2. In the "Username" box put your gamer tag.
  3. In the $ amount field, enter the payment amount
  4. In the description enter "PennHalo Nov Halo Infinite Tournament for Gamertag"

Prize Chart

The prize pool starts at $500, winner takes all. The more sign ups we get, the larger the prize. See the table below for a breakdown.
Number of People Prize
4-56 $500
57-76 $700
77-96 $1000
97-116 $1200
117-136 $1400

Map Rotation

Maps will be posted on 12/26/21 after the draft


We are using the Offical HCS Rules. All maps and gametypes will be the HCS Map and Gametype variants avaiable in game marked as "Ranked". The full ruleset can be viewed here.